SplitStream – Live and Local

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Needing  more singing action than the lonely recording sessions in my office, I recently joined the Chester County, PA based classic hard rock and heavy metal band SplitStream, which – when we start gigging in about March – will mark the first time I will be singing live before evening revellers since the late 1980s with State College classic rock cover band Split Decision.
We have an excellent bunch of musicians each with their own complimentary strengths and I hope my versatile voice serves us well as we cover everything from hair bands, Brit and German metal classics, and American metal standards all the way to 90s heavy grunge favorites and back again to heavy oldies-but-goodies from as far back as the late 60s.

My efforts here can be followed at: https://www.facebook.com/SplitStreamtheband

Beyond Atlantic – A Year Later

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Now in 2013, Beyond Atlantic has one full length release entitled ‘A Journey to You’ released in early summer of 2012 and we are in the process of releasing our second independent release ‘Under The Surface’, which should be in iTunes. Amazon, CD Baby  and the like by late March.  For a limited time in February and early March we are releasing 256 kbs mp3s of each of the songs from the new release for FREE if you register on our official site at:  beyond-atlantic.com.

Beyond Atlantic

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As of mid December 2011, I have been working exclusively with a group of German and American artists and have formed the melodic rock band ‘Beyond Atlantic’ with them. We looking forward to our first release in the summer of 2012, we have some interesting promotional opportunities lined up and are excited about the future.  To follow my output during this phase of my musical life, check out Beyond Atlantic at:

It was clear from the moment I heard the fingered intro strains transition to jolting counter-pointed mayhem on this tune from kompoz.com newcomer Matt Christensen in August of 2010 that I was not going to be able to provide what this song demanded vocally but it was equally clear that I was going to write some lyrics and sing to it anyway.  The aggressive chops obviously required some aggressive lyrics and I conjured up some about a subject that always gets my blood boiling: the nexus of hatred, politics, and fake-Christianity so prevalent in the United States these days.

Using a 90s power-metal style for the lyrics and vocal melody and a mix of my smooth and rough voices, I verbally flay the “I am allowed to hate people because I am saved” crowd, snarl at a certain Texas-based president for faking a conversion to evangelical Christianity in order to shore up his political chances before proceeding to commit mass-murder and a host of other things that Jesus would never have sanctioned in a million years, and generally lay into the feeble type of faith that requires fear to thrive and worships bombs and politicians over peace and love.

The second excellent guitarist named Matt that I have had the good fortune to make music with, Christensen made a strong mix with my vocals in September, 2010 for which I am grateful, then continued on his search for a powerful early 21st century progressive metal screamer/grunter who could do the song justice in a more modern style. A critically recognized guitarist out of Connecticut, Matt has since become a main fixture on kompoz.com with his metal-specific discussion forum and his take-no-prisoners advocacy for all things metal.

“Flagrant Misuse of Deity” Credits:
Music – Matt Christensen
Lyrics and Vocals – Mike Ousey

©2010 Matt Christensen, Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License

Do It (audition)

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Allentown’s Craig Friebolin posted a pretty awesome bit of music and arrangement with a cool hip-hop beat with lots of snare, epic keyboards, and lots of scratching with the words “Do It” being a prominent repetitive feature in the tune.  I ran with the ‘do it’ and, pulled some inspiration from the early Queensryche vampire sagas and maybe a little stray Brad Pitt pathos from “Interview with the Vampire” and imagined the phrase as the dark urging of a forlorn vampire’s inner nature calling him to do what comes naturally even as he longs to have a normal relationship with someone he’s obviously ‘lost’. 

After I finished writing the lyrics I set to work recording the vocals, moving from smooth to gritty doubled vox in each verse and blasting out higher register harmonies in the chorus.  This isn’t at all what Craig was looking for in vocals but I didn’t really care. 

One of the cool things about using collaborative sites with Creative Commons as a publishing option is that I can toss my late 70s and 80s-tinged vocal ideas against a track obviously intended for a more Linkin Park or Incubus sound and not really care if the author likes it or not.  Actually he liked one of the choruses but was obviously craving a rapper for the verses.  Even though my audition track was the only mix ever made of it, it still is among my favorite projects recorded in 2010.

“Do It” Credits
Music – Craig Friebolin
Lyrics and Vocals – Mike Ousey

©2010 Craig Friebolin, Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License


Les Fleurs du Mal

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‘Flowers of Evil’ is a song whose music was written and recorded entirely by written entirely by Pascal Borowcyzk and refers to the seminal works of poetry published under the same name by Charles Baudelaire.

Emmit Harris took up the provided title and populated the music with lyrics (he must have known a bit more about Baudelaire than I) and recorded a vocal guiding track. I adhered pretty closely to that while recording my version and Emmit kindly consented that my track be used instead of the one he was working on.

I love the disjointed grungy guitar and arps that cruise along throughout the song, the heavy bottom end, and of course Emmit’s fine lyrics.

"Les Fleurs du Mal" Credits
Pascal Borowcyzk- All Music & Instruments
Emmit Harris - Lyrics
Mike Ousey - Vocals

©2010 Pascal Borowcyzk, Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License


Reason for inclusion: Beginning of my ‘Metal Infestation’ 
Favorite Song from Release: ‘Something about You’

1976 was a pivotal year in my musical life. It was the end of the pop bands and 45 RPM singles. I was still 2 years from officially being a teenager but I had enough friends with older brothers who had cassette tape players and I could record the albums that I could not afford.

A couple years of watching the Monkees on TV and listening to my parents’ easy-listening radio stations had firmly cemented the pop song structure in my fledgling musical brain and it was safe and comfy there. But there was something missing from the songs of that era that kept my jaw from dropping in amazement and my jaded brain from saying … Wow! .

That missing link dropped on my head in the summer of 1976.
When I first laid the needle on the unknown new album and the sweet opening strains of ‘More Than a Feeling’ suddenly evolved into the choppy distorted full-on guitar assault that was the chorus, I was panting inside. After another repetition of the verse and chorus, my ears were treated to the first histrionic guitar solo of my life that wasn’t a Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix solo clone – and I was totally hooked.

Boston’s first album flipped the internal neural switch from childhood music to adult music and the beginnings of my love of hard rock, heavy post-punk, and all forms of metal were all formed in the year of the Bicentennial.

Sure some pop bands would creep in over the next 4 years. Kansas rapidly followed and cemented my love of progressive music and the LP as epic work of art. The Cars popped in and Gary Numan and New England and some back peddling as I caught up with some old Zeppelin and Aerosmith, but none of them were as safe as the bands from before 1976 and, soon enough, the really heavy stuff that grew from the seed Boston planted would arrive.
Credits: S Henry – All Music; Mike Ousey – Lyrics and Vocals

Less of a collaborative effort and more of me just writing some lyrics and vocals for a pretty complex bit of progressive metal by S Henry (and no… I don’t know what the S stands for).  This was a hard one to write for because of all the changes but I took up the challenge and am pleased with the results.

©2009 S Henry
Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License 

GodsEnd – Sep 16, 2009

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Bill Barrett and Scott Wallace had this whole song more or less completed with a couple of lyricists and singers vying to add their finishing touch. One of them was me. I loved the uber-heavy guitar riffs and the off-kilter arpeggios in between them driving the song onward. It was also right in my range. Bill split the project into two so we could keep this one going and the other version ended up withering on the vine.

I was feeling acutely anti-organized-religion the day I wrote the lyrics and they came easily. I wanted to start vocalizing right off the bat and came up with the Megadeathian utterance “They said they were gonna keep this (religious fervor) under control. Yeah Right!” and the regular vocals followed after.

Hearing the blatant anti-religious theme in the lyrics and digging the music as well, an enterprising athiest asked us for permission to create a slide show video using the tune and Bill said sure. It currently has about 1,600 plus hits on youtube.com. Not too shabby.

GodsEnd Credits:
Bill Barrett - Guitar and Bass
Mike Ousey - Lyrics & Vocals
Scott Wallace - Drums
Bill Smith - Synth & Keys
Cary Becker - Additional Guitar
©2009 Bill Barrett - Creative Commons 3.0

Dare – August 30, 2009

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Dare began as a guitar only track by Bill Barrett. I’m not sure that Bill had ever thought of his little melody as a tune that would have vocals in it, but I was inspired fairly rapidly to write up some lyrics dealing with the two biggest decisions in my life, marriage and adoption.

Mark Miller jumped onto the project with some fairly astounding drum action.  I had not heard him before, as he usually collaborated on jazz tunes, but I was impressed, especially with his cymbal techniques and spot-on changes. Later I learned that he had been hand picked by Billy Sheehan to be the drummer for the second lineup of Talas and had toured extensively and hung out with more than one of my guitar heroes.  Only on the internet can one’s little ditty about his wife and kid end up on the same mp3 side-by-side with drums from someone who shared the stage with Billy Sheehan.

Regardless of it’s drumming pedigree, I really dig this song, as does Bill. The reversed bridge that Mark conjured up to bring some interest to the middle of the song was a fantastic idea.  It is also one of the first time I doubled up on the lyrics throughout.  I have a somewhat nasal voice like many singers of Irish ancestry and singing everything twice, whether or not I’m harmonizing, definately added some presence to the vox.

Dare Credits
Bill Barrett - Guitar, Bass
Mike Ousey - Lyrics,  Vocals
Mark Miller - Drums